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Girls Opportunity Alliance

Two East-Asian woman, with long, black, tied back hair, have a conversation. They are wearing matching white dresses. The girl on the left eyeliner and her nails painted red with a golden nail on her ring finger and is talking at the moment. The girl on the right has glasses, bangs, and listens with a smile. They are seated a brown table. Their white name cards are on the desks infront of them with the Girls Opportunity Alliance logo in the corner. The girl on the left name is "Ngo Thanh Van" and on the right her name is "Kim Thuy Dinh."

Know the facts? Found projects that need support? Read our books? You are probably ready to share out your knowledge with others. This toolkit will provide you with a starting point.

A row of girls smiling for a photo. They are facing to the left. Each of them are wearing a dress and have long hair. Three of the girls 4 have medium skin tone and brown hair and one has light skin tone and blonde hair. The girl with blonde hair has a visible nametage that reads Misa.

This presentation is the first step for you in making a difference in the lives of girls across the world.

How You Can Help

It contains everything you need to know, including: key facts, ways to learn more, and how to get involved. This toolkit is for individuals looking to support the work of the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund.

Give a presentation to teach people about the importance of adolescent girls' education.

A lady with a deep skin tone wearing a multi-colored dress and a white shirt with 
short black hair and glasses, is writing about herself on a board.

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