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Diana’s Story


April 26, 2023
Diana in one of the dorm rooms at St Mary's Girls Secondary School

Meet Diana. Every day, she would wake up before sunrise and walk for two hours to go to her school in Malawi. To get there, she had to cross a river and often faced harassment along the way. By the time she got to school, her uniform was often soaked—and if she was late, her school would send her home.

“Education is my way to a better life.”
- Diana

Then something happened that changed Diana’s life: she received a four-year scholarship from AGE Africa, an organization committed to giving girls access to the education they deserve. The scholarship allowed Diana to enroll in a school with dorms so she wouldn’t have to walk, and ultimately allowed her to complete secondary school and seek higher education. She became the first person in her entire village to go to university. Today, Diana is training to become a pharmacist.

In this picture, a man and a woman with a deep skin tone are shown in white lab 
shirts. The woman faces the camera while the man doesn't.

Diana credits her scholarship from AGE Africa for opening the door to a brighter future: “Education is my way to a better life,” she says.

In this picture, three young girls with different skin tones are shown with 
magnifying glasses are looking into a cut-in-half bottle of brown water.

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