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Judy Woodruff

A White woman with blonde, chin-length hair wearing a red suit smiles with her teeth showing. Her hands on rest, one on top of the other, on a desk. Behind her is a blue geometric pattern and part of the worlds "PBS News Hour."

Senior Correspondent for the PBS NewsHour

Judy Woodruff is Senior Correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, after serving as Anchor and Managing Editor for 11 years. In 2023, she launched “America at a Crossroads,” a two-year reporting project to understand America’s political divide. The series debuted with Judy interviewing President Biden and has continued with reports from 9 states across the country. Her career has spanned five decades, covering politics and 12 presidential elections at NBC, CNN, and PBS. 

In 2013, she and the late Gwen Ifill were named the first two women to co-anchor a national news broadcast, the PBS NewsHour. In 2022, Judy was honored with an Emmy for Lifetime Achievement in Television News.

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