Community Leadership Corps Training Days FAQ

What is the time commitment for participants?

This is a one and a half day training meant to provide you with the skills needed to start change in your community. There is no further time commitment required by you aside from attendance Friday evening and duration of the Saturday.

Do I need to be enrolled in college to participate?

There is no education prerequisite required to apply for the Community Leadership Training Day. We encourage all eager youth looking to be more involved in making change within their community between the ages of 18-25 to apply.

When will I know if I’ve been accepted?

Participants will be informed whether they have been accepted 12 – 14 days before their city’s first training. Applicants are highly encouraged to hold the training dates for their cities on their personal calendars. All applicants will also be alerted if they have not been accepted or added to the waitlist.

Why these cities?

Oakland, Dallas, and Oklahoma City are all amazing communities with a lot to offer young leaders in terms of opportunities for engagement and leadership.

Will these always be the cities trainings happen in, or will they be in other cities?

We are in early stages of program development, and our hope is to be able to bring our programs to other cities across the country as they develop and expand!

I can’t make the date of the training in my city can I go to another one or will there be another one in my city?

Unfortunately, each training is uniquely designed for the community that they are based in. For that reason, if you live in the Oakland community you cannot attend the Dallas training. Additionally, we hope to come back to these cities in the future but do not have concrete plans to at this time. The Obama Foundation’s programs are just getting started so our hope is to expand programs across the country – and online – as soon as possible.

What does introductory mean?

It means it’s the beginning of your community leadership journey. Our expectation is that participants in this program are committed to their communities and understand first hand both the challenges and the opportunities their communities face. Program participants are ready to do more and take action and our hope is that they walk out of this training with an answer to the question, “Where do I start?”