The Community Leadership Corps (CLC) program is designed to empower and train young leaders to create the world they want to live in by working to address an issue in their community. The program offers in-person and online programming to increase leadership skills and expand networks. In each city, the program will consist of two in-person trainings, online trainings, and ongoing guidance.

Highly motivated young people who believe in their ability to make change will participate in this program — individuals who have bold ideas for the future and are eager to grow as community leaders.



Have demonstrated leadership skills.

Are invested in their local communities.

Are aligned with the Obama Foundation values.

Are between the ages of 18 - 25 for the duration of the program.

(June - November 2018)

Are eager to bring people together to address community problems.

Living in the following places:

Columbia, SC (Lexington and Richland Counties)

Phoenix, AZ (Maricopa, Pinal, and Gila Counties, as well as Tribal Communities in the valley)

Chicago, IL (Cook County)

Available for in-person trainings on the following dates:

Columbia, SC: Kickoff: June 15 - 17, Bootcamp: August 10 - 12

Phoenix, AZ: Kickoff: June 9 - 10, Bootcamp: August 3 - 5

Chicago, IL: Kickoff: June 23 - 24, Bootcamp: August 17 - 19


Applications for the Community Leadership Corps program closed at 11:59PM CT on Sunday, May 13. To receive program updates including future application openings, you can sign up for our email list here.