Obama Foundation Annual Report 2017


Our Community Commitments

We're building on the South Side community's rich history by engaging directly with our neighbors, guided by our Community Commitments.

We will use our leverage and the power of the Obama name to bring resources to our community and address the need for comprehensive economic development. We will seek to build economic opportunity by protecting against unwanted displacement, helping create infrastructure improvements, and attracting additional investment to the area.

We will nurture curious minds by educating our youth and community members to tackle the challenges of our time.

We will be a resource to the communities surrounding the Obama Presidential Center, providing accessible space to gather, educate, socialize, and entertain.

We will embrace meaningful diversity and inclusion by engaging both our South and West Side neighbors, as well as underrepresented populations, including opportunity youth, women, members of the LGBTQ community, veterans, and people with disabilities.

We will serve as an economic engine for the South Side, stimulating an estimated $2.1 billion in economic impact by attracting private investments, strengthening the local economic climate, and creating shared prosperity to help our neighbors build wealth right here where they live.

We will be careful stewards of the land, honoring the rich history of Jackson Park and prioritizing the preservation of the parkland in our design and operation of the Obama Presidential Center.

We will inspire, train, and elevate the next generation of civic leaders in underserved neighborhoods across Chicago, educating our youth to tackle the challenges of our time.

We will partner with and strengthen existing community-based organizations.

Above all, we will continue to listen. We will update these Community Commitments as our plans progress to make the most of the opportunity we have and ensure prosperity is shared with our community. Our neighbors’ voices have been vital to our progress and will continue to guide our decisions. Our door is open.

To contact the Obama Foundation, visit obama.org/chicago.

The Obama Presidential Center Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion