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What’s Ahead

2022 Annual Report

A young boy with a medium-deep skin tone stands proudly in a crowd of other young boys with medium-deep and deep skin tones. He wears a dark gray t-shirt with the Obama rising-sun logo and has his hands on the shoulders of those next to him while another puts their hand on his shoulder.

We know that the ambitious mission we’re on will not be easy.

Addressing the challenges we face will require a sustained effort spanning decades—not just years. But we place our hope in the network you’ve gotten a taste of, and our broader community who—in the face of seemingly impossible odds—continue to believe in the power of lifting each other up and their own capacity to make change real. 

We share this relentless optimism. And we believe that together, we can reinforce our democracy and tackle the most pressing issues of our time—for our generation and generations to come.

President Barack Obama stands amongst a group of individuals dressed in professional attire.

Thank You

None of this work is possible without the care of the donors, volunteers, email subscribers, and social media followers around the world who are fueling our programming and helping us build the Obama Presidential Center.

About the Obama Foundation 

The Obama Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 2014 to support President and Mrs. Obama’s lifelong goals to empower leaders, strengthen democracy, and create lasting change at the local, national, and global levels. The Foundation oversees planning for the future Obama Presidential Center, as well as a range of domestic and global programs. The Foundation calls the South Side of Chicago home and is headquartered just a few blocks away from the future site of the Obama Presidential Center.

The Power of Our Network