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44 Alumni

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Six campaign alumni share how they continue the Obama Legacy

Learn about six 2008 alumni and their positive impact on our world 15 years later.

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Obama alum continues fighting for climate goals

Meet the Obama alum who is leading climate action efforts at The Climate Group.

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Meet the Obama alum championing disability rights for all

Meet the Obama alum who is championing disability rights for all.

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Obama alum brings diversity to the clean energy space

Meet the Obama alum who is working to create new opportunities for Black and Brown professionals in the clean energy space.

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Picking Up the Baton: Obama Alumni Mary Smith

This Obama alum was named the president-elect of the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2022. She's the first Native American woman to hold the role.

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Taking up the baton: Jason Green

This Obama alum is using stories from our past to help communities move forward today.

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Jose Rico

Taking up the baton: José Rico

Meet an Obama Alum who is helping young Chicagoans reach their dreams

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Taking up the baton: Jocelyn Frye

Meet One Obama Alum Who is Leading the Fight for Women's Equality

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President Obama catches up with Obama Alumni

Thanks for tuning in for a special conversation between President Obama, David Plouffe, and Obama Alumni Association members.

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Two Obama alumni share their stories on stage at the 2023 Democracy Forum

Meet two Obama Alumni working to carry progress forward.

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