June 25, 2013

Removed Carbon Pollution from the Air

President Obama took a series of common-sense steps to curb carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases through initiatives that drove energy efficiency, promoted clean energy, and put in place the first-ever carbon pollution standards for power plants.

In 2012, U.S. carbon pollution from the energy sector fell to the lowest level in two decades even as the economy continued to grow. To build on this progress, the Obama Administration put in place tough new rules to cut carbon pollution — just like we have for other toxins like mercury and arsenic.

The plan also set a goal to reduce carbon pollution by at least three billion metric tons cumulatively by 2030 — more than half of the annual carbon pollution from the U.S. energy sector — through efficiency standards set over the course of the Administration for appliances and federal buildings.

Bad news: Carbon pollution in our atmosphere is higher than at any point in human history.

The good news? America is leading global efforts to combat climate change. More than 180 countries representing nearly 95% of global emissions have recently announced their own climate targets to reduce carbon emissions.

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